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10 days and counting!

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

10 days left until the store goes online! So each day until launch I'll try to post a countdown ad in a different theme/time.


How I ended up in the sign business (that's a good thing!):

Well, that's an interesting story but beware that I can ramble depending on the day and the cycle of the moon or the planetary alignment.... see. Focus.. Focus. Going back to 1980-83 I was in a high school rock band which played dances, festivals and weddings (we were under 21 so no bars - which I'm glad about now - however there's a liquor related story in the for a later date) Focus.. So being the graphic arts junkie, I painted our band's 6' high logo on an interior garage wall. Several years later after I was moved out and the house went up for sale, the buyer (who happened to be in the sign industry for a big carpet retailer, Carpetland. He liked the logo (which luckily was still there) and that began the ball rolling back in late 1986 at a company in Valparaiso called Hawkeye Signs. (Many funny stories to be told there for a later date! good times!).

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