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4 (no 3!) days left to opening. - Billboards and Sandblasted signs.

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Many people associate billboards and signs into one, but although related, they are actually separate industries. Billboards go pretty high up in the air! Why else do think I was late getting this one ready?.. just kidding. I've only been up on a billboard once, but on several occasions as high up or higher on a bucket truck. (way early in my career) Being afraid of heights led me to begin pursuing the technical side of things in haste! :-)

This one was pretty high up so it made me a day late in getting the photo. Just kidding!

Sandblasted signs - basic definition: These are solid 1 piece wooden signs (Redwood is often used via several glued planks) that have a special rubber masking cut and applied which reflects grains of sand during the sandblasting process, thus leaving the surface flat and the background 'blasted out'. This is my personal favorite type of sign. I haven't made one in a long time, but intend to again! Cheers!

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