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These are production-quality vector files intended to import into your design software, and do not contain any cutting or tooling data. 

Included are AI, DXF, EPS, FS, PDF, and SCV formats all having the contents of their type below.

SteampunkStyleClockVectors0530 - single file all elements in color
SteampunkStyleClockVectors0530-01:  bottom element in wireframe
SteampunkStyleClockVectors0530-02:  layer 1 element
SteampunkStyleClockVectors0530-03:  layer 2 element
SteampunkStyleClockVectors0530-04:  layer 3 element
SteampunkStyleClockVectors0530-05:  layer 4 element
SteampunkStyleClockVectors0530-06:  layer 5 element
SteampunkStyleClockVectors0530-07:  screw heads
SteampunkStyleClockVectors0530-08:  numerals
SteampunkStyleClockVectors0530-09:  01-08 combined

Steampunk clock digital file set


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